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This page contains links to eMedTV Autism Articles containing information on subjects from Asperger Syndrome to Asperger's Syndrome. The information is organized alphabetically; the "Favorite Articles" contains the top articles on this page. Links in the box will take you directly to the articles; those same links are available with a short description further down the page.
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  • Asperger Syndrome
    A child with Asperger syndrome often has an obsessive interest in a single topic. This eMedTV segment takes a closer look at this developmental disorder, including its symptoms, prognosis, and treatment options.
  • Asperger Syndrome Information
    This selection of the eMedTV library presents some basic information on Asperger syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. This page defines the identifying characteristics, describes the usual course of treatment, and addresses the prognosis.
  • Asperger Syndrome Research
    An Asperger syndrome research study is analyzing DNA from children with Asperger to identify genes that are linked to the disorder. This eMedTV Web page contains information about various Asperger syndrome research studies.
  • Asperger Treatment
    As this eMedTV page explains, social skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication for coexisting conditions are used in Asperger treatment. This page illustrates how the ideal plan coordinates therapies to address the disorder's symptoms.
  • Asperger's
    Children with Asperger's usually develop an obsessive interest in a single subject. This eMedTV Web page offers a detailed look at this autism spectrum disorder, with information on symptoms, characteristics, and treatment options.
  • Asperger's Disease
    Asperger's disease is one of several conditions that involve communication difficulties and poor social interaction. This eMedTV page compares Asperger's disease with classic autism and describes the narrow focus of interest often seen with Asperger's.
  • Asperger's Disorder
    As this eMedTV article explains, the autism spectrum disorder Asperger's causes a child to have an overwhelming interest in one particular subject. This page presents a brief overview of this condition, with information on symptoms, treatment, and more.
  • Asperger's Syndrome
    Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that is most often characterized by an obsessive interest in a single topic. This portion of the eMedTV archives offers an overview of Asperger's syndrome, with information about symptoms and treatment.
  • Asperges Syndrome
    Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects a child's communication skills. This eMedTV article lists the treatment options and other symptoms of this condition. Asperges syndrome is a common misspelling of Asperger's syndrome.
  • Ateizm
    Autism is a brain disorder that usually becomes apparent in children by the age of three. This eMedTV resource explores the possible causes of autism and explains how the condition can be treated. Ateizm is a common misspelling of autism.
  • Atism
    This eMedTV page explores autism, a brain disorder that impairs a person's ability to communicate and form relationships with others. This page briefly explains the causes, treatment options, and prognosis. Atism is a common misspelling of autism.
  • Audism
    Children with autism have trouble communicating and forming relationships with others. This eMedTV Web page further explores how this disorder affects a child and explains what treatment options are available. Audism is a common misspelling of autism.
  • Audisom
    Autism is a disorder that impairs a child's communication and social interaction skills. This eMedTV resource briefly explores the effects of this condition and links to more information about autism. Audisom is a common misspelling of autism.
  • Autisim
    Autism is a disorder that affects a child's ability to communicate and function socially. This eMedTV article explains how many children are affected by autism and lists other symptoms of this condition. Autisim is a common misspelling of autism.
  • Autisium
    About 3 to 6 out of every 1,000 children develop autism, a brain development disorder. This eMedTV Web page describes the characteristic behaviors of autism and lists available treatment options. Autisium is a common misspelling of autism.
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